Javier Castle
Saint Francisco Javier
Mayor's greetings

Fiestas and traditions


Sunday 12 May
Popular pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Virgen del Socorro. It is a very important pilgrimage for the people and those that work there, coinciding with the weekend nearest to San Isidro, the patron Saint. The whole town goes to the chapel of Socorro, located about 5 km away at the top of a hill. It begins with the celebration of Mass, the Blessing of the Fields. After a feast there is an evening Rosary around the shrine.

2, 3 and 4 August
Village fiestas in honour of San Francisco Javier.

3 December
San Francisco Javier.

24 December
Christmas Eve bonfire after Midnight Mass, with songs and accompanied by the classic 'rosquillas' (donuts) handmade that day. The same day the Host is also made for the people Javier.